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Learn About Our Central MD Transitioning Process

We offer several services based on your needs. We can host an estate sale, downsize the items in your home, sort and help with decisions on beloved items, help Realtors get the house ready to show, create age-in-place options, coordinate the emptying of a home, and many other options.

If you are moving, we work with the moving company of your choice to pack items, making special arrangements for medications, jewelry, or any other items specifically discussed with you.

people cleaning out kitchen cabinets

Reducing the Stress off Your Shoulders During Your Move

On moving day, we oversee all aspects of the job at both locations.

We arrange furniture, hang pictures, stock cabinets, place clothing in closets, and ensure that the home is in move-in condition for you. We will connect televisions and computers if you would like this done.

And finally, we remove all boxes and packing materials to leave your brand new home in brand new condition!

More Than Just Packing Boxes

  • We can measure each wall and window of your new residence (or your current one) to develop a floor plan, which is then customized to best suit your needs.
  • We can offer multiple contracting sources for moving, painting, or other construction needs. We have worked with and highly recommend these sources, and will arrange for their consultation and estimates. These service providers are not employees of Chesapeake Transitions, and will be compensated directly for their work. We will arrange schedules and oversee their work, wherever that may be.
  • We can work with you and your family to decide what to do with your possessions. With you, we decide which items can be sold, donated, auctioned, or gifted.
  • We can empty garages, basements, attics, or any other specific areas of the home, and sell, donate, gift, or dispose of the items as you see fit.
  • We can arrange for cable, telephone, electrical, or any other specialized work, and ensure completion of any necessary work.
  • We help you complete any and all necessary change of address information.
  • We remove any and all items that are to be sold or donated.


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