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Learn About Our Estate Sales

Chesapeake Transitions has held well attended and successful estate sales for more than a decade. We will come to your home and identify what is sellable. We will set up a sale date that works with your schedule, advertise the sale, label/arrange items and manage the sale. Chesapeake Transitions asks a minimal upfront payment and then takes a percentage of what’s sold as payment—meaning we have a vested interest in making your sale a success.

CT estate sale with pricing shown

Estate sales are not just for people who have passed away. They are also a valuable and viable option for people downsizing who need to empty a home.  Not only will some belongings be recycled and repurposed, what you make on the sale often more than covers the cost of dealing with what’s left. As an added bonus, if your house has not yet sold or is on the market, an estate sale is a great way to attract interested buyers.

CT estate sale preparation
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