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dark and stormy window with rain drops

Sleet pounded the windows and ice was forming on the walkways. Mack and Carol sipped coffee in the resident lounge of the retirement community as they watched the now empty moving trucks pull out of the parking lot. Upstairs, the senior move management team was busy unpacking and setting up their new apartment. They had started the day at their home of 48 years. After the senior move management team arrived at 8 am, the couple said good-bye to their house and spent the day with friends while the team oversaw the move. Looking out the window that dark and stormy night, Mack and Carol realized for the first time in their married life they did not have to worry about clearing the walks or driveway.

The decision to downsize to smaller quarters hadn’t been difficult for Mack and Carol. Their children were grown with homes of their own.  Neighbors they’d had been friends with for years had already moved and the couple wanted a more carefree lifestyle. It wouldn’t be easy leaving their home of almost 50 years but Mack and Carol wanted to make the transition while the decision was still theirs to make.

After Mack and Carol chose an apartment in a retirement community, their oldest daughter suggested reaching out to a well-regarded local senior move management company to help with the downsizing and moving process.  Meeting with the Senior Move Manager, the couple explained their desires and with her help developed a plan and schedule. Referring them to a realtor (who sold their house quickly) the Senior Move Manager also recommended a trusted moving company. She helped Mack and Carol address numerous details associated the move – including some they hadn’t thought of.

After deciding what furniture would make the move, Mack and Carol offered family what remained – very little was taken. Next, the sorting and downsizing process began with the senior move manager’s assistance starting with closets that had somehow filled with clothing Mack and Carol didn’t wear much (if ever). Carol felt “lighter” as she let go of clothing she’d never wear again. Mack was a tougher sell but agreed all the suits he had once worn to work were just weren’t needed anymore. However, every stitch of his golf attire was moving with them – no discussion allowed!

Downsizing the kitchen was easy because after years of shopping, cooking and cleanup, Carol was more than ready let go of everything but basic dishes (wineglasses were kept!). Yard tools and equipment were also easy to say good-bye to as Mack was done with keeping up the yard.

Shortly after the couple settled into their new apartment, a date for an estate sale was set to empty the house of remaining items. After a week of set-up, the senior move management team held a very successful sale. Most of the excess furniture was sold as well as many smaller items and the little that remained was donated to charities chosen by the couple. Proceeds from the estate sale helped to defray the cost of Mack and Carol’s move.

Back to the dark and stormy night… the day of Mack and Carol’s move, the area was hit by a notorious mid-Atlantic ice storm – it literally was a dark and stormy night!  What could have been a stressful event due to the weather, went smoothly for the couple due to planning and help from a Senior Move Manager.


AUTHOR:  The owner of Chesapeake Transitions, Marilyn Leek is a Certified Senior Move Manager® who has been providing support and guidance for Maryland seniors and their families for over a decade.