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Learn About Central MD’s Premier Transitioning Service

For more than a decade, Chesapeake Transitions has been providing compassionate guidance and organizational support for seniors and families in transition across Central Maryland. Owner Marilyn Leek, a Certified Senior Move Manager, and her friendly, professional staff strive to make your significant life changes go as smoothly as possible. Moving can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be. We take pride in being Central Maryland’s preferred resource for senior relocation and downsizing. Contact us today for a free one-hour consultation. We are locally owned and operated, fully insured and accredited.

Marilyn Leek
Owner and General ManagerMarilyn Leek, Owner & General Manager

Marilyn has been working to transition seniors for many years. Marilyn established Chesapeake Transitions, an Annapolis, Maryland based company, to make your move to your new home a new beginning for you. She is truly devoted to making the change a positive experience for everyone involved, will gently guide you through each step and ensure that your new home is exactly the way you want it to be.

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How our Transitioning Process Works

Our process is simple: we want to take care of everything from beginning to end. We start with a detailed action plan. During this initial phase, we work with you to develop a custom plan and timetable that works with you and your schedule. After a plan is in place, we move on to a whole house clear out. Don’t worry about being overwhelmed with too many things in your home. We take care of what matters and declutter what doesn’t. After everything if left, we sort and pack your belongings to get ready to move into your new home. If you have items to donate or sell, our staff takes care of that as well. During the day of the move, our team will be there to manage all aspects of the transition. We pack up and coordinate with the movers to make everything run smoothly.

National Association of Senior Move Managers
Code of Ethics

Category 1 | The Client Relationship

Standard 1 – Advocacy and Loyalty

The client is the person in transition. I will provide services and recommendations based on the needs and concerns of the person in transition.

Standard 2 – Promoting Self-Determination

I will respect and encourage the client’s right to be in control and to make decisions.

Standard 3 – Right to Privacy

I will not disclose personal information about clients and will reveal such information only with the client’s permission.

Standard 4 – Conflict of Interest

I will seek to avoid conflicts of interest, and will use best practices for reducing conflicts of interest when dual relationships are present.

Category 2 | Business Practices

Standard 5 – Integrity

I will be honest in all business relationships, including those with clients, employers, colleagues, and staff.

Standard 6 – Accountability

I am accountable to clients, employees and the general public.

Category 3 | The Senior Move Management Industry

Standard 7 – Continuing Education

I will promote the competency and professionalism of myself and my staff through continuing education.

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NASMM National Association Senior Move Managers

Senior Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist

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